Secretary Office

Secretary's Office

Katarzyna Jesse, M.A.

Room 319 Electrical Building
+48 61 665 2491

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 7.30-15.30
Thursday 9.00-17.00

July-August 7.00-15.00
September 7.30-15.30


Secretary's Office for Students

Małgorzata Margraf-Adamczyk, M.A.

Room 319 Electrical Building
+48 61 665 3937

Opening hours:

Monday 14.00-16.30
Tuesday 9.45-12.00
Friday 8.00-10.00


Poznan University of Technology
Center of Languages and Communication
Piotrowo 3A, 60-965 Poznań

Phone: +48 61 665 2491, e-mail:

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