Exemption from course/exam application form

Applications to download

Students who repeat their studies at the same field of study and the same mode (full time/part time) request their lecturers to rewrite the grade.
To rewrite the examination grade the student will need to submit an application (download below) to the CLC Deputy Director.
Students who have taken language classes at PUT and changed their field or mode of study will need to submit the application along with relevant documents to the CLC Deputy Director.
Any information after the application is considered, as well as answers to students' questions will be forwarded only via PUT e-mail addresses.


Applications for rewriting grades for the 2016/17 summer semester will be accepted and considered in accordance with the "Regulations of the first and second cycle studies of Poznan University of Technology", only during the first two weeks of the summer semester (Paragraph 35).

Files to download:

wniosek_do_ CJK_10_2019.doc
wniosek_do_ CJK_10_2019.doc
173 KB | Download

List of Certificates exempting from examination:

Certyfikaty zwalniające_10_2019_1.pdf
Certyfikaty zwalniające_10_2019
466 KB | Download


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