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Soft skills courses

Coordinator: Ewa Hołubowicz, M.A.

Contact: ewa.holubowicz@put.poznan.pl
Phone:+48 61 665 2853

Coordinator: Ewa Kapałczyńska, M.A.

Contact: ewa.kapalczynska@put.poznan.pl
Phone: +48 61 665 2792

The Soft Skills Team at CLC offers English and German courses aimed at teaching specific skills combined with learning a foreign language.

We offer the following courses: "Soft Skills - Socializing and Small Talk" (10h), "Effective Presentations" (10h), "Looking for a Job/My First Job" (10h), "Negotiations" (10h), "Soft Skills - Business" (10h), "SPEAKING PEACE - Speaking in the World of Anger" (10h) oraz "Deutsch im Beruf" (10h).


Poznan University of Technology
Center of Languages and Communication
Piotrowo 3A, 60-965 Poznań

Phone: +48 61 665 2491, e-mail: office_clc@put.poznan.pl