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Conference "From thoughts to words - foreign languages ​​in didactics and education in 21st century"

The 60th anniversary of the CLC was accompanied by a scientific-didactic conference "From thoughts to words - foreign languages ​​in didactics and education in 21st century". The conference took place from 24th to 25th of May 2013 in the Lecture Centre at Poznan University of Technology.

The main theme of the conference was the teaching of foreign languages for specific purposes at technical universities in Poland. The proceedings were held under eight thematic sections:
  •     E-learning in teaching a specialized language;
  •     The preparation of a specialized language curriculum;
  •     Academic language teaching at various levels of study: first cycle, second cycle, and third cycle (doctoral);
  •     Testing and evaluating students' knowledge;
  •     Psychological aspects of teachers' work at universities;
  •     Intercultural differences: between theory and practice;
  •     Language policy in Europe;
  •     CLIL - integrating CLIL in higher education.
The main speakers were lecturers from Adam Mickiewicz University’s, Department of English:
Professor Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk, PhD,  who delivered the speech "On the extinction of languages ​​of the world",
Professor Teresa Siek-Piskozub, PhD, with the lecture "Evolution of teaching special purposes language",
Professor Krystyna Droździał-Szelest, PhD, with the speech "Teachers' work is never done: Some reflections on the role of foreign language teachers (LSP) in the 21st century", and
Rob Dean from Pearson's publishing house "Developing digitally - the Journey from Refugee to Immigrant".

Foreign speakers such as Geoff Tranter, Evan Frendo, Brigitte Forster Vosicki, Martin Beck, Tamara Sidorova and Natalia Vovchast, as well as lecturers in foreign languages ​​from medical, technical or natural sciences from around the country, also presented their lectures.

The papers presented at the conference were published in a monograph entitled "Modern Approaches to LSP: Selected Issues in Teaching Adults At Higher Educational Level", ISBN 978-83-916072-7-5.



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