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Lingu@net WorldWide is a multilingual web portal containing links to websites and online resources related to language learning. Resources collected here come from all over the world. Lingu@net WorldWide provides access to over 3,500 catalogued websites. Lingu@net WorldWide offers adult learners assistance in learning, improving skills and networking with other learners. Sections were prepared by specialists from Europe, who deal with teaching foreign languages ​​within three areas: foreign language at work, in journalism and literature. The project is implemented with financial support from the European Commission under the "Lifelong Learning” program. The project aimed at:

  • increasing coverage thanks to the availability of new languages (including the most popular languages ​​of the world)
  • increasing the number of catalogued websites
  • supporting adults who learn foreign languages​​.

Lingu@net WorldWide is free and does not require logging-in. The project is held from January 2013 to December 2014 and the persons responsible for it at the Centre of Languages and Communication are: Liliana Szczuka-Dorna, PhD, Edyta Olejarczuk, M.A., Justyna Połomka, M.A. and Karol Matysiak, M.A.

In February 2013, there was a meeting of the project partners, in which Edyta Olejarczuk, M.A., took part.

The project is coordinated by The Languages Company (Great Britain) and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).


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