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Employees duty hours

Duty hours for the summer semester of 2016/2017

Deputy Directors' duty hours:

For students:     
Iwona Gajewska-Skrzypczak, PhD - Monday, 14.00-15.00, room 303E    
Barbara Sawicka, M.A. - Monday, 15.15-16.15, room 303E
For employees:   
Iwona Gajewska-Skrzypczak, PhD - Tuesday, 9.45-10.45, room 303E     
Barbara Sawicka, M.A. - Tuesday, 9.45-10.45, room 303E

Language Section Heads' duty hours:

Head of Polish, French and Spanish Section - Edyta Olejarczuk, PhD
  • Tuesday, 10.00-11.00, room 318E     
  • Thursday, 10.00-11.00, room 318E
Head of German and Russian Section - Ewa Kapałczyńska, M.A.
  • Tuesday, 10.00-11.00, room 318E     
  • Thursday, 11.45-12.45, room 318E

For part-time students:     

  • Barbara Sawicka, M.A. - Saturday 10.06.2017, 10.00-11.00, room 303E;
  • Aleksander Kubot, M.A. - Sunday 11.06.2017, 09.00-09.45, room 316E;
  • Artur Urbaniak, Ph.D. - Saunday 11.06, 09.45-11.15, room.304E;

Changes in duty hours:

  • Barbara Tarko, M.A.  - on Tuesday 06.06 duty hours cancelled.
  • Anna Antkowiak, M.A. - duty hours on Wednesday 21.06 postponed to Thursday 22.06 at 13.00-13.45.
  • Jerzy Szelest M.A. - duty hours on Tuesday 27.06 postponed to Tuesday 20.06 at 09.45-11.15.
  • Karolina Drożdżyńska, M.A. - on Tuesday 13.06 duty hours cancelled.
  • Maja Rakiewicz, M.A. - on Tuesday 13.06 duty hours cancelled.


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