Katarzyna Dyniak, Uniwersytet Medyczny Łódź

Trust me, I'm a doctor and I speak English', Medical English- evaluation and certification

University students who learn Medical English mention the need for a form of testing that would reward them with a language certificate displaying the level of their skills in the area. In response to this need Medical University in Łódź, Poland, decided to introduce ACERT- a language exam that has been developed by SERMO- The Association of Academic Foreign Language Teaching Centres.
The aim of the presentation is to show not only the exam, which evaluates students' Medical English skills at several CEFR levels (B2- C1), but also to describe the preparation process prior to implementing this form of standardised assessment. So far the exam has been organised at two Medical University Departments: Medicine and Biochemistry, next two- Dentistry and Pharmacy are to be included this year.
What are the benefits for both parties: students and academics? How do both sides evaluate this form of testing? What is the recognition of ACERT? A very practical presentation, packed with task examples, opinions, reflections.

I've been teaching Medical English for 12 years, mostly future doctors but also paramedics, physiotherapists and pharmacists, since 2010 I've been the deputy manager of Foreign Language Centre, Medical University in Łódź.
I focus on syllabus and test design, currently I am involved in preparing Acert exams.


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