Coordinator: Krzysztof Olszewski, M.A.
contact: krzysztof.olszewski@put.poznan.pl
phone: +48 61 665 2793

Coordinator: Joanna Skrobała, M.A.
contact: joanna.skrobala@put.poznan.pl
phone: +48 61 665 2705


Aims and tasks of the E-learning Team:

  • Technical support: We provide constant technical support in using the PUT eKursy platform.
  • Training for academic staff: We offer training in designing and running online classes, using modern educational tools and solutions related to e-learning.
  • Creating educational resources: We design interactive didactic materials that support teaching and learning processes and correspond to the specific character of particular degree programmes and courses offered at Poznan University of Technology.

Both students and PUT staff are welcome to take the "English in a Technical Context" open course prepared by CLC teachers.
Course URL: https://ekursy.put.poznan.pl/course/view.php?id=20730