English in writing

Coordinator: Nuala Mederski, M.A.
contact: nuala.mederski@put.poznan.pl
phone: +48  61 665 2793

The mission of the Written English Team is to develop the knowledge of employees and students of all PUT departments in the field of written English language.

Our goals are:

    to promote and teach specific aspects of written English in the form of scientific papers, such as academic papers, articles and official correspondence;

    to provide practical tools for learning writing in English;
    to provide methodical support to lecturers teaching writing in the target language;
    to offer employees and students individual consultations;
    to prepare and conduct courses related to various aspects of writing.

We offer courses prepared and conducted by the Written English Team consisting of five faculty members.

Academic Writing courses – they have been and remain one of the aspects of CLC language activities. They are aimed exclusively at PUT employees and PhD students. The groups are small, no more than 10 people. The courses are intensive, one or two week workshops (up to 30 lessons), or longer programmes, with classes organised during the semester (40-60 lessons). The courses can also be organised at the request of employees.

Courses for first, second and third-cycle students

    FIRST CYCLE – supplementary courses for selected fields of study, other than writing taught during the course;
    SECOND CYCLE – academic writing section for all groups from all fields of study;
    THIRD CYCLE – courses for PhD students.

Correspondence writing

    official correspondence for administrative workers;
    correspondence courses for selected fields of study (Management and Logistics);
    practical applications of formal and official correspondence.

The Team also offers individual consultations for PUT employees and PhD students.


    Individual consultations;
    Courses in foreign language correspondence for administrative and academic employees;
    Further editions of academic writing courses for employees publishing and beginning to publish their scientific work;
    Workshops with experts from Great Britain and the US.
    The Written English Team offer

        For students
            Academic Writing in English
            Writing for Management and Logistics
            Academic English in Research and Argumentation
         For doctoral students
            Writing Course for PhD Students
            Formal Correspondence in English
            Academic English in Research and Argumentation
        For PUT employees
            Academic Writing in English

Formal Correspondence in English