Languages open doors - Będlewo 2001

On 24-26 May 2001, the 2nd Scientific and Educational Conference: "Languages open doors” was held in Będlewo.


1. The language teaching and study system in European countries
    Teaching programs (hours, frequency, etc.);
    Teaching system at a given university.

2. Domestic and foreign cooperation
    Experience in cooperation on intercollegiate programs;
    New programs, new opportunities;
    Language policy in Poland and Europe.

3. New techniques for teaching foreign languages
    E-mail, the Internet and what's next?
    Computer programs for teaching foreign languages;

4. Methods of teaching foreign languages
    General or specialized language;
    What skills should be taught?
    Audio, video ... or just a textbook?

5. Management in teaching foreign languages
    Motivating teachers to work;
    Stress in the teaching profession;
    Professional development;
    The teacher: his/her role in the teaching process - counsellor/guide.

LANGUAGES OPEN DOORS (article by Urszula Mińska-Marciniak)

2001 is not only the beginning of the 21st century but primarily the year of languages. "Fireworks" topics from foreign language schools were expected. But, as is often the case, only a few were beautiful.
The Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Poznan University of Technology interested in this year motto, organized a language conference. This was the second international conference under the auspices of the DFL for foreign language teachers.

On May 24-26, professionals gathered at the beautiful palace of Będlewo near Poznan to discuss and debate the problem of teaching foreign languages. These professionals came from higher education schools of humanities and technology, as well as organizations whose activities support, in both theory and practice, teachers in Polish schools of all kinds.
Lectures and discussions were held over three days on the practical application of different techniques for teaching foreign languages. The thematic diversity of the conference made it possible to present the full spectrum of foreign language teaching techniques.

Among the presenters were supporters of modern and traditional teaching techniques from Poland, Great Britain, Finland and Slovakia. They discussed the role of both the teacher and student in the teaching process, the ability to use multimedia techniques, the internet, the teaching of specialized language and the use of various multimedia. The most interesting, as usual, were the discussions in the palace lobby. The setting of the palace was magnificent and the weather was so beautiful that discussions went on until late in the evening. Publishing Houses, such as Hueber, Pearson Education, Omnibus, Oxford University Press, Wagros, and Macmillan, presented their latest language publications.

The inauguration of the conference was celebrated with the presence of His Magnificence, Rector of our University, symbolically lighting the bonfire in the evening. The atmosphere of the conference was conducive to exchanging experiences. The need to organize such meetings is reflected in the number of requests to continue the discussions, particularly in the higher education environment .