Leonardo Da Vinci Programme

Leonardo Da Vinci Programme MDEC


Project Timetable
Duration: 5 December 1998 – 5 April 2001
- initial phase – 2 months: distribution of tasks, determining the syllabuses of the courses, specifying software tools and hardware platforms
- development phase – 16 months: developing the content of the courses and software, testing and verification
- termination phase – 2 months: assessment of effectiveness, market analysis, final reports
Product of the Project
Software system for distance learning
Educational package: interactive multimedia
English courses in:
- General English
- Finance & Banking English
- Legal English
- Science & Technology English
- Internet Technology
Safety in Work on Power Lines
Development of ODL methods of teaching English, as an alternative to traditional classroom to:
- enhance the motivation of students,
- increase the effectiveness and
- facilitate the access to the language
Developing the European dimension in vocational training
Developing and dissemination of innovative techniques for assessing and analysing language training requirements for employees of SMEs, unemployed and handicapped
Contractor and Coordinator: Poznan University of Technology (PUT)
Promotor: Dr. Lilianna ANIOLA-JEDRZEJEK
Address: ul. Piotrowo 3a,
60-965 Poznan, POLAND
Tel. +48 61 8782491
Fax +48 61 8782793
leonardo_multimed@itti.com.pl or ljedrzej@put.poznan.pl
Description: Poznan University of Technology actively participates in European projects such as Tempus, Copernicus and Socrates.Department of Foreign Languages due to its contacts with departments of foreign languages in Poland and other European countries has qualified staff to prepare courses in specialised English such as science and technology, business, law, finance and banking.
Role: Co-ordinator, contractor, the management of the content thread, project infrastructure: meetings, information flow control in the project, design of the multimedia laboratory; organising pilot courses at PUT.
Partner: University of Wolverhampton (UofW)
Contact person: Dr. Paul BRETT
Address: Stafford Street,
Wolverhampton WUI ISB,
Tel. +44 01 902 322739
Fax +44 01 902 322671
Description: School of European Studies and Languages at University of Wolverhampton conducts and promotes interdisciplinary transnational research on European integration, the European Union, its institutions, policies, law, member states, domestic and foreign policy aspects of EU affairs, and all manner of contemporary issues confronting Europe.
Role: Expertise at workshops and courses on European Union standards and regulations, linguistic verification of the content; organising pilot courses at U of W.
Partner: Technical University of Gdansk (TUG)
Contact person: Anna GRABOWSKA, M.Sc.
ul. Gabriela Narutowicza 11/12,
80-952 Gdansk-Wrzeszcz, POLAND
Tel. +48 58 3472240
Fax +48 58 3415821
Description: Distance Education Centre at Technical University of Gdansk has experience in providing Distance Education courses on the Internet also in co-operation with European countries. Its main domains of operation are:
Creating access for students and staff of the TUG to study materials, corresponding lessons scripts and communication environment using LAN, MAN and WAN facilities.
Developing distance education course modules and adaptation of existing distance education course modules. It participates in European Community projects.
Role: Technology thread: network and CD distribution, LAN and WAN management, market analysis to indicate target users of the product, organising pilot courses at TUG.
Partner: Institute of Communication and Information Technologies (ITTI)
Contact person: Andrzej ADAMCZYK, M.Sc.
Address: ul. Palacza 91A,
60-273 Poznan, POLAND
Tel. +48 61 861 00 73
Fax +48 61 861 05 79
Description: ITTI is the leading company, which conducts research, development and provides consulting services in telecommunication, computer science and economic fields. Among ITTI’s customers are Polish Telecom and 25 other significant Polish, European and American companies. It participates in the European project AC205 PANEL „Protection Across Network Layers”.
Role: Technology thread: project management expertise, multimedia (Internet applications, voice recognition, etc.) and implementation technologies; also content for electrical safety module.
Information about Project
Title: Multimedia Distance English Courses for Polish Users in Legal, Banking and Finance, Science and Technology, and Safety Training Sectors with Elements of European Union Regulations and Standards
Accronym: MDEC
Priority: Generalising access to skills and promoting the development of vocational skills through the information society in the context of lifelong learning
Countries: Great Britain, Poland
Duration: 5 December 1998 – 5 April 2001
Information about the contractor: Poznan University of Technology
address: M. Sklodowskiej-Curie 5
60-965 Poznań
tel. +48 61 8313392
fax +48 61 8330217
Legal representative: Prorector for Reasearch and International Relations
1998/1999 Prof. Jerzy Rakowski
1999/2000 Prof. Anna Cysewska-Sobusiak
Leonardo Da Vinci Programme MDEC
Multimedia Distance English Courses for Polish Users in Legal, Banking and Finance, Science and Technology, Safety Training Sectors with Elements of European Union Regulations and Standards (MDEC)

Leonardo Da Vinci Programme POLYVOX

Project Timetable
Duration: 1 December 1999 – 31 May 2001
Phase 1: 1 December 1999 – 30 September 2000
Validation of the transnational partnership, company audits, synthesis, site structure and specification.
Phase 2: 1 October 2000 – 31 March 2001
Design and development of
-Module CV
-Module Job Interview
Evaluation and presentation of the product.
Phase 3: 1 April 2001 – 31 May 2001
Information about Project
Title: Langue et Culture, facteurs d?integration professionnelle en Europe
Accronym: POLYVOX
Contract no: F/99/1/062178/PI/III.1.a/CONT
Duration: 1 December 1999 – 31 May 2001
Information about the contractor: Groupement interconsulaire de chambres de commerce et d?industrie de Castres et de Mazamet, ESPACE de FORMATION INTERPROFESIONNELLE (EFIP) Chateau du Causse 81100 Castres
Legal representative: Pierre Refouvelet, Marylin Laville
Final Objectives
The aim of this project is to set up an educational Internet site on job hunting in different languages: English, Spanish, Polish and French. This course includes two modules with educational content: „How to write a CV” and „How to be successful at a job interview”.
This „cyber-service” is a good way to help learners in their international job searching. Moreover, it proves to be convivial, interactive, dynamic and easily accessible.
Our objective is to make this site a place of communication and exchange between the participants. Its „discussion forum” allows chatting between all surfers (whether they have registered to the site or not).
Contractor and Coordinator: Espace de Formation Interprofesionnelle EFIP
Promotor: Pierre Refouvelet, Marylin Laville
Address: Chateau du Causse 81100 Castres
Role: Financial and administrative management, co-ordination of the project.
Partner: Clen College, Spain
Contact person: Javier Eclarte Lopez
Role: Participation in the development and in the realisation of the pedagogical content of modules.
Partner: London City Publishing House, England
Contact person: Juan Pedro de Basterrediea
Role: Participation in the development and in the realisation of pedagogical content of modules.
Partner: Mediacastres, France
Contact person: Virginie Lassalle, Elke Munos, Michel Lavigne
Role: Creation of the structure of the Internet site modules 1 and 2: from the printed version to the on-line version.
Partner: Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Contact person: Lilianna Anioła-Jędrzejek, Irena Waśkowiak
Role: Participation in the development and realisation in the pedagogical content to the modules.
OTHERS Laboratories Fabre, Granit Des Monts De Lacaune, IFCM, APEC, FORSUD, Valeo – French companies located in the area of Castres and Mozamet will serve as places for testing.
Leonardo da Vinci Programme POLYVOX
Langue et Culture, facteurs d integration professionnelle en Europe (Polyvox)