Coordinator: Krzysztof Olszewski, M.A.
contact: krzysztof.olszewski@put.poznan.pl,
phone: +48 61 665 2793

The team’s main area of activity is introducing and conducting CLC language classes in the distance learning system. The main activities of the team are:

    organising training for employees on preparing and conducting distance learning courses
    preparing online courses
    providing technical and administrative supervision over the Moodle platform which is used for and applied in online classes
    organising additional courses for employees teaching online classes

Distance learning is conducted via the Moodle platform; "open source” software.
Online classes are held only in those groups where the teacher decides to implement this form of classes.

Students can also take advantage of the online language courses prepared by CLC teachers as a part of the Engineering Era project. Address:  http://fomalhaut.clc.put.poznan.pl/moodle22/

Language courses on the Moodle platform are accessible to everyone, the only condition being the need for a PUT e-mail account, e.g. name.surname@put.poznan.pl