Innovative Education Team

Coordinators: Weronika Krzebietke, Ph.D.; Aneta Antokolska, M.A.

phone: +48 61 665 2613


The Laboratory for Innovative Education was established in September 2023 in response to the needs of CLC employees in the face of the dynamically changing world of education. The activities of the Lab include:

  • participation in conferences and didactic training workshops in the field of modern methods and technologies in TEFL,
  • supporting CLC and PUT staff in the area of innovative teaching methods,
  • organizing workshops to improve the quality of education at CLC,
  • consultations for CLC employees,
  • collaborating with experts in the field of innovative education;
  • preparing a Toolkit for the modern CLC teacher.

Currently, the Lab offers Flip Blended Learning Workshops for the CLC and PUT staff concerning the implementation of the flipped classroom method combined with modern educational tools supported by AI.