Języka polskiego

Koordynator - mgr Barbara Tarko
kontakt: barbara.tarko@put.poznan.pl
Tel. 61 665 2793

Koordynator - mgr Justyna Połomka
kontakt: justyna.polomka@put.poznan.pl
Tel. 61 665 2705


International students have a possibility to participate in a multi-level course of the Polish language. The course is designed to take students from their first introduction to Polish up to a fully proficient use of the language. The 40 hour course includes grammar syllabus that covers the essential language and extensive vocabulary development. A lot of communicative activities provide variety in class and make the course easy and enjoyable. The cross-cultural context of classes provide stimulating input,making learning interesting and relevant to today’s world. Every semester, a week before the beginning of the term the Centre of Languages and Communication runs Orientation Week. Orientation Week is a splendid opportunity to get to know fellow students, break the ice and learn about Polish culture, history and geography. Students take part in different cultural events, enjoy the sightseeing of Poznan and the city neighbourhood and discover the beauty of Poland.