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Conference venue

The Conference will be held on the campus of Poznan University of Technology in the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering Management building.

Poznan University of Technology seeks to achieve excellence in education as well as in innovative, multi-disciplinary research. Located in the historical city of Poznan, it aims at providing a platform for scholars from around the world to exchange their ideas, research and hopes concerning the future.

The campus of Poznan University of Technology (PUT) is situated next to the picturesque Warta River. Various departments are located in different buildings although the central part of the campus is the Conference Center from which one can see the city’s magnificent panorama. On the other side of PUT’s campus, you will find the Olympic-sized Malta Lake and a year-round ski resort.



A university that connects

Each of the over 19,000 students at PUT has their own, unique story. They come from various parts of Poland as well as distant countries. This cultural variety is a great asset of the university.

A university that motivates

PUT creates favorable conditions for the development of ambitious young people. The time of studying is not merely a period of intensive learning, but also the opportunity to establish new contacts, develop passions and gain professional experience.

A university that inspires

The opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, open-air events, and many more, are privileges that aim to inspire and provide a platform for feedback between scholars and students.



How to reach the Campus

Below you will find some information for visitors to our campus.

The campus of Poznan University of Technology (PUT) (Politechnika Poznańska) is situated on the bank of the Warta river, surrounded by Piotrowo, Berdychowo, Jana Pawła II, and Kórnicka streets. PUT’s campus is within walking distance of Malta lake and the Old Town.

More at: map of city center in PDF, with location of the PUT's campus.


By plane

To get to the campus from Poznan-Ławica airport, it’s best to take a taxi. We suggest that you call one of the following taxi companies:
+48 61 19626 – Radio Taxi Club
+48 61 19627 – Radio Taxi Stop
+48 61 8219 219 – Radio Taxi RMI

The journey will take approximately 20 min. in normal traffic conditions.

Alternatively, you can follow these airport directions to the city center:


By train or by coach

If you arrive at Poznan railway station – Dworzec Główny, or at PKS Poznan coach station, take trams number 5 or 13 heading for Stomil or Staroleka, respectively. The timetables are available at the tram stops. Tickets can be bought from ticket machines located at the railway station.

Depending on the traffic conditions and roadworks, download the mobile application below, which will direct you straight to PUT’s campus. You should find the English version, which will make your life easier. Remember to enter POLITECHNIKA, Piotrowo as your destination or the hotel name and/or street, if necessary.


By car

The conference takes place in the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering Management building.

The address is: Jacka Rychlewskiego 2a, 61-131 Poznan.

Tourist and leisure information.

Here is a good city guide with plenty of useful info and tips.

See also the official City Guide in English (also in German) for:
    tourist information
    public transport (info about tickets, tram & bus timetable)
    cinemas, pubs (in "orange menu")

For a recreational walk near PUT’s campus, choose Malta lake or the Warta River walking path. Also, you can't miss the large shopping malls - Galeria Malta and the even bigger, Posnania. If you are planning to enjoy a little bit of Poznan’s night life, choose Stary Rynek – the Old Town area - with its numerous pubs and restaurants.